If you ever wonder what really goes on in some of the darkest corners of the world (Rohingya refugees, elephant poaching, human trafficking, poverty alleviation), you find that our stories offer a view into places that very few people ever see. The characters we explore are TED Fellows, award winning humanitarians, and otherwise "Batman not Superman" authentic individuals who take on the world's toughest problems.

Inner-city ghettos, border camps for refugees, rural health clinics, and fully armed anti-poaching teams are some of the impossible situations we explore. We act as “philanthropologists” to find community, culture, and compassion alongside the people who see the world’s greatest problems and say, “I can fix that”. 

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THE GOOD ROAD to be presented by WETA

On behalf of WETA, I am pleased to write this letter of enthusiastic support of the new travel series, THE GOOD ROAD  The concept promises to be a lively, informative and exciting travel series coming at just the right time for public television audiences.  WETA is delighted to be involved in the development of THE GOOD ROAD and looks forward to the opportunity to co-produce and present this series to public broadcasting stations nationwide.

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